This Girl Makes is an on and offline community of designers and makers that offer events and DIY kits that celebrate and promote women in craft and design.

We are based in and around Oxford, however are able to travel into rural and disadvantaged communities, offering bespoke projects and services nationwide, using a client-centred approach.

 But, why do we need This Girl Makes?

ProblemThis Girl Makes is the perfect antidote with practical workshops and DIY kits, as well as inspirational and informative talks. It cultivates a sense of community that offers skill sharing, confidence building and a sense of empowerment. We provide women and girls with therapeutic, but also constructive opportunities that nurture resilience and offer financial liberation.


We are currently based in and around Oxford, but offer our services nationwide. We are different to other organisations because we work on a community-based level, tailoring our services and travelling into rural or disadvantaged areas. We are a social enterprise focused on enabling women and decreasing the skills gap.

Our portfolio of projects and events is constantly evolving, so check out our Projects and Events pages for further details. Please get in touch with any questions, ideas, commissions or collaborations, we would love to hear from you!