Celebrating Women in Craft & Design

This Girl Does What?

Illustration by Harriet Speed

THIS GIRL MAKES is the result of women still being under represented in the craft and design industries. As the demand for younger furniture makers steadily grows, the necessity to inspire and cultivate a new generation of creatives is vital for its survival in the UK. It is crucial for the success of the industry that it is representative of both sexes, primarily for the sake of diversity and variety of ideas.

THIS GIRL MAKES is an inclusive blog, online community and events program that aim to promote craft and install confidence in young people by celebrating women in craft and design. Whether you are a creative director looking to expand your workforce; a course leader seeking fresh talent; or an aspiring student, THIS GIRL MAKES will have something to offer you. The aim is to remove the outdated preconception of gendered job roles, and promote craft equally to all young people, in a relevant and relatable way.