This Girl Makes in Print

This Girl Makes Volume 2, 2020

This Girl Makes celebrates women in craft and design, so this collaborative project was put together to showcase some of the very best talent from the UK’s contemporary making scene, in a totally unique 100-page makers’ anthology.

“It has been such a tough year and there have been times when I’ve not seen the relevance of my own work, but I realise now more than ever that we need each other to help us get through it, and this book is such an embodiment of that. I am so excited to see the book and it will be so good to have a physical result, as all my degree shows were cancelled for digital ones. It is so tough when things don’t go as expected, but this book is like a little light at the end of the tunnel.”     – Rosie Johnson, Design Graduate

PDF copies are available!

This Girl Makes Volume 1, 2018

Oxford Brookes University awarded a Student Impact Fund bursary to This Girl Makes to produce our first printed zine. 

The zine represents women at all levels of their career, from taking their GCSEs to makers with for over 20 years experience. The zine includes: written accounts, design drawings, photographs and illustrations.

A limited run of 150 zines were printed in Oxford by an independent company called Common Books ( Using a Riso Printer, an environmentally friendly alternative to standard printing, there was a unique quality to the final outcome.

PDF copies are available!

“I received your book earlier today and wanted to drop you an email to say thank you for sending me a copy. I’m about half way through and I think that you approached the topic of women in the craft industry in a really inspiring way. As a young person entering the world of designer/makers, it’s very interesting to find out about other women’s stories and approaches to making and designing while bringing attention to furniture making as something to be encouraged among all kinds of people, so thank you again.” – Olivia, Furniture Maker Apprentice

PDF copies are available!

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