Corkey’s Cabinet, 2018. White Ash, stained Maple veneer, cork.

A playful interpretation of the traditional collector’s cabinet, including a display drawer with unique hand-le detail and accompanying collector’s box. The piece follows on from a research project entitled A Maker’s Guide to Grief: how does craft provide solace during bereavement? It responds to this theme by providing users with a chance to retain memories through the ritual of collecting objects. These small curiosities are then a catalyst for conversation, encouraging those experiencing bereavement to open up, making their loss a more positive experience.

This piece was awarded Best in Show by Blum at the Young Furniture Maker’s Exhibition in October 2018.

The Hatchery, 2018. European Beech, Cedar of Lebanon.

A desk with integrated storage space that is inspired by biophillic design principles. Making work engaging and fun through the mobile Bird and Bird House features that can be moved around the desk, as a reminder tool or deterrent from using your mobile phone. Including many crafted details, such as hand cut dovetail and wedged tenon joints, solid cedar drawer bottom, and (not visible in photos) bird’s feet feet.

Oxford College Furniture Design

HINNY, 2017. Ash, pressed wool fabric. 

A reading stool that allows adults and children to read together. With no right or wrong way of sitting on HINNY, the user is invited to explore different positions whilst they read, making it a more interactive and fun activity.

This design was shortlisted for the Wood Awards student category and exhibited at the 2017 London Design Fair.