Workshops in Wiltshire: Preparing for our Visit

Back in August 2018, Avian Evans-White and I returned to the beautiful tithe barn of Messums Wiltshire for our second year, and in Av’s case, his third! THIS GIRL MAKES had been invited to take part in their Material: Wood Exhibition and events program in a variety of ways.


Although hearing about the workshops and what the experience taught me is hopefully interesting for others to read, I though it might also be inspiring or informative to hear about the preparation process for the making events THIS GIRL MAKES offers. Hosting the Little Makers workshops in late August was convenient for Av and I, as we were able to fit it in around other work and commitments, and to some extent were able to make a bit of a holiday out of the trip.


The preparation for the Little Makers workshops consisted of:

Machining 165 stool legs, which involved cutting dowels to length, turning a tenon onto them, routing a rounded end, and creating a groove for the wedge to fit into.

We managed to get this all done one rainy day in a Herefordshire-based workshop, as we popped in to see Troo Studio ( founders, Sam Bolt and Freyer Whamond. As fellow Rycotewood alumni, it was nice to be back in a shared work space with them, despite being busy working on our own projects. But catching up over a well earned meal in the evening was a great way to end our day.




A slight lie in, but straight back into the workshop the next day to prepare all the stool tops. This involved:

Examining and matching all our boards of timber, gluing them up, sanding them flush, drawing around a template, band sawing out the hexagon tops, sanding the edges, and drilling the holes for the legs.



Although THIS GIRL MAKES celebrates and acknowledges the hard work carried out by women, it is definitely important to acknowledge those men that support the project. Thank you very much Av Evans-White for supporting me through this job (I definitely could not have done it without you) and for ensuring it was done to the highest quality. This guy makes!


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