Workshops in Wiltshire: Little Makers at Messums

Back in August 2018, Av Evans-White and I returned to the beautiful tithe barn of Messums Wiltshire for our second year, and in Av’s case, his third! THIS GIRL MAKES had been invited to take part in their Material: Wood Exhibition and events program in a variety of ways.

Once again the stool making workshop proved popular. Over the next two days, Av and I delivered the session to over twenty children, all eager to make their very own piece of furniture. Not only did our young participants learn how to use a hammer, flush saw, block plane, and cabinet scraper, but they also received mini master classes in how to mark out using a square, cut with a Japanese saw, sharpen a blade and set a plane.

Messums, 17th August 2018Messums, 17th August 2018Messums, 17th August 2018Messums, 17th August 2018

We were also very lucky this year to be joined by Millie Pilkington, an extremely talented and experienced photographer. She stealthily moved around the workbenches capturing the action as it happened. When I was eventually sent the photographs from the workshop, I was delighted at how well she managed to capture the atmosphere. Seeing the smiles and looks of enthusiasm on the ‘little makers’ faces was incredibly rewarding. Av and I left Messums feeling tired, but very fulfilled.

Messums, 17th August 2018Messums, 17th August 2018

However the final instalment of Av and I’s itinerary was a quick visit to Stonehenge on the way home. The cherry on top of the cake of what proved to be a really enjoyable trip to Wiltshire!


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