The end of the year is a special occasion, as it allows us all to look back at what the past 12 months have had to offer us. 2017 brought lots of exciting opportunities for THIS GIRL MAKES, many of which could not have been expected as I sat and wrote a similar blog post over Christmas 2016. The highlights are:

  • The first stool making workshop at Oxford’s Pegasus Theatre in May
  • The Little Makers workshop hosted by Messums Wiltshire in August
  • Working with the Syrian Family Group at the Shipley Art Gallery (Gateshead), and Her Space at Oxford’s Ark-T both in November
  • Meeting so many inspiring craftswomen and men throughout the year at different events and exhibitions.

2018 will be an exciting year for many reasons, one being that it will see me graduate from Rycotewood Furniture Centre and start the next chapter of my life- whatever I decide that will involve! However, I have my fingers and toes crossed that there will be a significant space for THIS GIRL MAKES to occupy amongst all the other exciting projects that will no doubt find their way to me.

I am already in the midst of writing applications and making plans for the next phase of THIS GIRL MAKES, which means it will be expanding far beyond the weekly blog posts, which- don’t you worry- will not cease to continue! But my hope for 2018 is that it delivers exactly what this past year had brought with it- engagement, excitement and encouragement- maybe even more!?


Wishing everyone a merry christmas/winter holiday, and a great start to the new year.

All the best, Hattie. X