Cabinetmaking in Copenhagen: Meeting Andrea Stokholm

Earlier this year I was awarded a bursary from the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies (NADFAS). In my application for the scholarship, I explained that I would use the money to make a trip across Europe to visit different design museums; also with the possibility of visiting furniture makers in their workshops.

This video is the first of the THIS GIRL MAKES video blogs, which hope to give further insight into the practise of contemporary craftswomen. Click on the link to watch the short documentary about cabinetmaker, Andrea Stokholm, on the THIS GIRL MAKES vimeo account.


“Meeting Andrea was such a positive experience, she demonstrated that girls can definitely be makers; independent and successful; and that craftspeople are a family that can be connected despite borders and seas.”


Director/Editor   …   Harriet Poppy Speed

Music Design   …   Sam Boothby, Oliver Winn, Josh Eckert

Special thanks to   …   Andrea Stokholm


…   Rycotewood Furniture Centre, Oxford

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