The genesis of This Girl Makes is a result of me realizing that there are very few female designers and makers, who are regarded as household names. As the demand for younger furniture makers steadily grows, the necessity to inspire and cultivate a new generation of creatives is vital for its survival in the UK. Whether the emerging talent is male or female, I believe it is crucial for the success of the industry that it is representative of both the sexes, primarily for the sake of diversity and variety of ideas.

This Girl Makes is an inclusive blog, which aims to unite designers, and celebrate women within the art, design, and craft industries. Whether you are a creative director looking to expand your workforce; a course leader seeking fresh talent; a student aspiring for great heights, This Girl Makes will have something to offer you. By breaking down entrenched gender stereotypes, and opening up a celebration of each designer-maker’s unique qualities, I hope the appeal of the design industry increases for many other young people.

So stay tuned for posts featuring some of the best, contemporary designs from the UK’s loveliest ladies; interviews with iconic figures from the industry; top tips from those who hope to inspire the next generation; and the odd sketch from myself. Thank you for reading, and remember to #staycreative !